"I sleep during the days and work during the nights."

Translation:Jag sover på dagarna och arbetar på nätterna.

November 23, 2014



Could someone please explain to me when I should use "om," på," or "i?" That would be greatly appreciated.

March 18, 2015


"Om" means "in about" and "if", like in : Jag ska jobba om fem minuter. I will work In About five minutes. Or: Om du vill. - IF you want. You can also use it as "about", like "jag vill tala om dig" - i want to talk about you. "På" is used when you say "jag arbetar på onsdagar", which means "i work ON wednesdays", but sometimes Om and På are used in different ways that I am still learning, aswell. "i" is used when you say "i huset", which means "IN the house". Bonus: You can use swedish "in" when you say "jag ska gå in", which means "i will go/walk in/inside.".

September 10, 2016


In your example, “jag vill tala om dig,” it means “I want to talk about you.” How do I say, “I want to talk TO you?”

August 28, 2018


finns det skilnad mellan "jobba på" och "jobba under" ?

November 23, 2014


In this sentence, or under are not connected to the verb, but to the time expression. på natten means at night, for instance. The Swedish under as a time expression is pretty much like the English during.

December 17, 2014


Tack min vän. I was wondering about this.

April 9, 2015


Why is pa used here instead of under?

December 10, 2014


Both work, really.

Jobba på natten = work [at] nighttime

Jobba under natten = Work during the night

December 17, 2014


Jobba answered my question here! takk

February 14, 2019


Somewhere in the comments in some other thread, I was told that when it comes to time, the Swedish “under” means English “during.” Why is it “på” here?

August 28, 2018
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