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"The moose"


November 23, 2014



If this wasn't a lesson in plurals, this would be hard to answer.


I had it in an animal lesson...


I was practicing all skills, and was marked incorrect for submitting Älg.


Älg is incorrect since we are looking for the definite form here. "Älgarna" and "älgen" are equally correct answers


Ah, I now see the error of my ways. Tack.


so moose is in english singular and plural for älg? so you would say : a moose - en älg, the moose - älgen, moose (p) - älgar, the moose (p) - älgarna. ?? sorry my native languague is not english :) (i thought it was Mooses the plural in english)


Yes, that is exactly right.


okey, thank you


I got to this one in the second animals lesson, having only seen it as singular, and was marked wrong for giving singular 'älgen' w/no way to know or expect the plural was required. I don't want to report it if this question usually shows up in the lesson on plurals, but a (plural) note would be awfully helpful!


I agree! I've not gotten to any plural lessons yet and was confused when I did not have älgen to tap on for an answer. So by sheer luck, as I knew the other option were definitely wrong, I got this one marked correctly.


It's an annoying byproduct of how Duolingo works - it's a correct answer, so we have to accept it, but the system then decides arbitrarily to show it to you even though it's not the default answer - and even though you haven't seen the plural before. Unfortunately, we can't do much about that. :(


Same problem; I have yet to do ANY plurals before now so this was way out there for me!


How does one pronounce "älgarna"?


This is getting me confused. I tot the plural of moose is älgen and now i discover that the moose is also älgarna, but if this process is used for other words, you ll b marked incorrect....


There should be an indication in the question that it's about plural


Ambiguous sentences accept both/all correct answers. :)


Why is "Älgen" marked wrong? This is a lesson before plurals so I did not think it would be älgarna, which is the correct answer but I thought "älgen" should be correct as well.


älgen is also accepted as an equal default, actually.


Yes it should be. But when I tried to enter it, it was marked wrong and the corrected answer was "älgarna".


Oh, I don't doubt that, just wanted to let you know that since it's accepted, it was likely a bug and not an administrative oversight.


Yeah that would be a bug because if I recall correctly animals chapter comes before plurals and "the moose" (plural) would indeed be älgarna.


Don't agree with this one. Although we say "moose" for singular and plural, I would only say "the moose" for one moose. If there were more, I would say "the herd of" or "the group of" moose. I'd treat "the deer" or "the sheep" in the same way.

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