The XP Bar

I just want to say that you can revive the XP bar!

This is a link to Samsta's version of th23x's instructions. It is actually pretty simple but it does require downloading some items: Happy learning! :D

Also, make sure you are using Chrome as the downloadable extensions won't work as well elsewhere. :(

November 23, 2014


I tried using the Tampermonkey trick (worked for me before on my old computer, hadn't tried it on my new one) and noticed it did not work this time around. Is it just me, or could it be because the site was reworked in Scala and now the tool can't interface with it using the same scripts?

Thank you, it would be awesome if it would work as well in Firefox. I hope Duolingo developers read these discussions because the Daily Goal sucks The Big One and I would much prefer the progress bar over anything else.

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