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  5. "Ele pode cair da cadeira."

"Ele pode cair da cadeira."

Translation:He can fall off the chair.

July 5, 2013



should't "he can fall FROM the chair" be accepted also?


You dont usually use "fall down from the chair". That sounds odd. "I fell off my bicycle", "the rider fell off the horse and broke his arm" are other examples of that. This is preferable for careful users. But if you go on Google Images and type "fall from the chair" you will find pics of that.


Doesn't "cair" mean "to fall", rather than "fall off" or "fall down" though? To me, "fall off the" and "fall from the" are equivalent. For example, I wouldn't say "The rider fell off the horse..." is more correct than "The rider fell from the horse...".


In spoken language that's not so bad... not the same for the written language...


By written language, are you referring to Portuguese? In modern English, both examples I gave should be considered correct in spoken or written form.


As far as I know, while "fall off" is the most commonly used phrasing, "fall from" is still correct and should be accepted.


I agree. "Fall from" is correct English.

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