"Prinsen klipper med en sax."

Translation:The prince is cutting with a pair of scissors.

November 23, 2014

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Giving Rapunzel a haircut?


That's what princes are for :):


It might be useful if we learned how to introduce ourselves, talk about our interests, or talk about the weather before learning to say that the prince cuts with a pair of scissors.


If you want to say like- Hello my name is: hej, jag heter . I'm XX years old: jag är XX år. My hobbys are Golf and horses: mina intressen är golf och hästar.

I live in Sweden: Jag bor i Sverige.

If you want more just replay


Very good could you add more


This sentence is probably created for Mr Christopher O'Neill in case he wants to learn how to talk about his brother-in-law:


I am really confused...do we say she is wearing a pair of pants?


'pair of" is not really necessary. Ie one would say Give me the scissors, not the pair of scissors. To cut with a scissors should be accepted.


The indefinite article can never be used with a plural noun.


En sax which means one scissor....then why answere is scissors??


Because scissors in English is a word that is plural in form but singular or plural in construction. In Swedish though, sax is a normal countable word: en sax, två saxar. In English, that would be one pair of scissors, two pairs of scissors.


I'm not sure if it's just my dialect, but everyone I know would say "cuts with some scissors". Is this an accepted answer?


Sounds fine to me. If it's not accepted, report it.


It is more common in my experience to say one cuts with a scissors rather than a pair of scissors, but it is not accepted. I have reported at least twice but no change. :-(


Here is another native speaker of US English who would always say 'cuts with a scissors' not 'a pair of scissors'. Both sound correct to me, but I do not say 'a pair of scissors'.

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