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Anyone native/fluent Swedish speakers want to form a Skype session? (Beginners also welcome)

I need practice talking and listening to actual people in a conversation as I'm going to Uppsala, Sweden on the exchange come January next year!

If one of you fluent speakers would like to help us that would be amazing.

Sadly my location (New Zealand) means I'm in on the other side of the world Timezone wise, but we could work something out.

EDIT: SKYPE GROUP is UP! PM me your details to join!!!

EDIT: And also feel free to put your name down on this shared google spreadsheet if you wish to find a partner. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n-gig6XjYzjsm70iCIG0bOFh9z-sNYhB8-J9I2kiWf4/edit?usp=sharing

November 23, 2014



I could help you out. I have lived in Uppsala for three years as well.


Great! I'll see if anyone else is interested then I'll start up a skype discussion, although I hear google+ might be better does anyone know?


You can add me too. But I think it's not allowed to post Skype usernames.


Oh so I guess any native speakers/learners can just PM me then and I'll add you the group.


As a beginner, I'd love to join!


sounds interesting


Count me in to join I have friends in Sweden but far too scared to embarrass myself in front of them


Great guys! I've created the Swedish Discussion group so send me your Skype Details and I'll add you!!!


I'd love to join as a learner!


-posting for reference- Need to create a skype name first :P


does anyone here know how to add your skype name to your microsoft account? I only know how to do it at first-time setup (it's what skype's faqs say) but I've been using skype with my email account. I wanted to add a name so I don't have to post my e-mail on the internet...


I would LOVE to join this skype group!!


I'd like to join too! or maybe is there a Whatsapp group for practicing? :) Would be great!


Is this Skype group still active, been living in sweden for 2 years. have some basic swedish but would like to learn more

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