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  5. "Das ist mein eigenes Sofa."

"Das ist mein eigenes Sofa."

Translation:This is my own sofa.

November 23, 2014



Is 'eigenes' redundant in this sentence. Would it be easier to just say 'Das ist mein Sofa.'


I believe it's used for emphasis in German much the same way as in English. "That's my sofa" (casually pointing it out) vs "That's my own sofa!" (excited you own it yourself).


Does this mean that I've made this sofa, or that I own it?


is there a different word for own that would be used in phrases like "i own that sofa" or would i use eigenes in that context also.


You can use a word "besitzen" in that context. "Ich besitze dieses Sofa".


Or "dieses Sofa gehört mir", for "this sofa belongs to me."


As a native English speaker (American), I have never heard someone say "That is my own sofa".

Perhaps in excitment "I own that sofa!", or "I have my own sofa!" (if it's the first one they ever bought for example).

It would be convenient if the literal German translation worked in English, but I think "own" is should be removed here.


There's a large number of Duo sentences that are equally likely (or "likely") to be heard in either language - this could be one of them. I forget what skill this sentence comes from, but translating "eigenes" as "own" is useful for teaching us how to use possessive+eigene.

Anyway, if you need an example, I could imagine a student in a dorm room, a lodger in a boardinghouse or the tenant of an apartment that came semi-furnished saying this (but maybe the latter scenario is just a weird New Zealand thing).


I can kind of imagine that working, but I still can't really imagine myself saying "my own " naturally.


I confused 'only' with 'my own', einziges with eigenes. But the verb 'to own' something, is besitzen! Am I complicating this?

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