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Vocabulary words should be listed with their articles to also study the gender of the nouns!

I'm a French major and I'm using this site to refresh some basic vocabulary. Especially in French, nouns rarely have consistant endings that indicate the gender of the noun. When a French person thinks of "wine" they think of "le vin" NOT just "vin". Having the articles listed on the vocabulary lists also helps when making sentences. One will know easier when to say "du" or "de la" in a sentence. This should be enforced in vocabulary lists!!

July 5, 2013



It is extremely important for German, too.


Totally agree with this. Same is true for spanish :)


Agreed. It's very important for pretty much all of the languages that are currently included in Duolingo.


yes that would be helpful in german and surely the other languages as well.


If you go to vocabulary and click on a word you can see the gender of the many different forms in parenthesis, for example (m) - for masculine, but it would definitely be useful to somehow see that just on hover or without having to click through at any rate.


Very important for italian as well. I completely agree!


I agree too. I noticed that european languages differ greatly in giving names their gender.


Is there any reason for NOT listing the articles along with the nouns (to force you to look it up?) I find I am making my own vocabulary spreadsheet now to add the articles for each noun. Anybody have other solutions?


@jharrer I pretty much do the same thing. I organize my notebooks by Skill Lessons. I do not have a separate chart for my articles, I just keep it all in the Skill Lesson. A spread sheet of the articles does sound like a good idea though.


Oh, yes. Please!


Totally agree - currently there's no easy way to check gender of nouns, which would be helpful learning German.


This is exactly what I have also been hoping for / wondering about for the German lessons.

The thing I find most difficult is that I literally have to guess the gender of the noun on the first time I'm shown it in a lesson, which seems ridiculous.

I was considering making some flash cards for this, but if there was somewhere on the site to view something similar that would be amazing.


I have to end up doing the same thing. Then, I'm not really studying and making educated guesses, it's just plain guessing!


Aye, this would be a massive help =]


I would suggest un/une for french as otherwise there will still be problem with words like "image".

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