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"Finlands huvudstad heter Helsingfors."

Translation:The capital of Finland is called Helsinki.

November 23, 2014



I know there is a city in Sweden called Helsingborg (my mormormormor was born there) do they have the same Swedish root?


The common theory for the name of Helsingfors seems to be that it's named after the old Swedish province Hälsingland, which is where a lot of the original inhabitants of the city came from. The name Hälsingland comes from the Swedish word 'hals', meaning isthmus, and I would guess that the same word is the base of Helsingborg as well. So they're sort of from the same root :)


"The capital of Finland is Helsinki" was rejected even though people often leave out the called/named.


What do the Suomalainen call Helsinki? Does anyone know? I like knowing the names of places according to the people who live there.


In Finnish, it's Helsinki and in Swedish it's Helsingfors. As you probably know, Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. So it's called both by people who live there, depending on their native language.


Is "The capital of Finland is called Helsingfors" accepted? I had "Helsingfors" underlines in red, but on reflection I may have left out the word "called", and Duo didn't know how to tell me it was needed.


"Finland's capital is Helsinki" was rejected. That seemed like as litetal a translation as could be!


Oops, I missed that it said 'heter' and not 'är'.

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