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  5. "Din familj är intressant."

"Din familj är intressant."

Translation:Your family is interesting.

November 23, 2014



translated: "I'm trying to avoid saying your family is a bunch of weirdos."


Perhaps that should be accepted, yeah... :D


A nice example of "damning with faint praise" ;)


i keep finding similarities in sound at least with spanish. intressant -> interesante


There was a Swedish royal that really liked French and borrowed quite a few words, so the cognates with Spanish are there, through French. Of course, the SPQR languages are also related to Swedish and other Germanic languages by virtue of the lot being at least partly Indo-European, so there are cognates that run deeper than adopted loanwords.


Thanks for the info! Is very interesting.


Very off topic, but I must say I really like your profile picture.


Back at you, handsome. ;D

[deactivated user]

    All I can hear is 'Min familj är inte sant', I've made double takes every time 'intressant' has popped up.


    Then you would say: 'Din intressant familj' and 'Det/Den intressant familj' but 'Er intressanta familj' and in the same sense 'Det intressanta familj'...? As well as 'Er family är intressanta'...


    No, it's din intressanta familj and er intressanta familj, den intressanta familjen, your other examples don't work. It works like this:

    Adjective before the noun (attributive):
    en röd bil
    ett rött hus
    två röda hus

    den röda bilen
    det röda huset
    de två röda husen

    Adjective after then noun (after a verb like är) (predicative):
    en bil är röd
    ett hus är rött
    hus är röda

    bilen är röd
    huset är rött
    bilarna är röda


    Ahh! I see now... This is totally helpful! Thankyou! =)


    Does intressant have only two forms? 1 en and ett and 1 plural?


    yes intressant intressant intressanta


    Now that I look at this comment again it sounds as a tongue twister... lol...


    Since "my parents are ugly" and "they are not my real parents" this sentence means "Can I join? "

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