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  5. "I drive around."

"I drive around."

Translation:Eu dirijo por aí.

July 5, 2013



Yeah, no. One would have to know the expression "por aí" to get this right. Not a good question.


What about "Eu dirijo em torno"? I got marked wrong for that.



"Em torno" means around, round, apart, aside.

If you say "eu dirijo por aí" I would understand you are driving anywhere, with no final destination determined (01); or that you are driving near my location, however, you are not able to specify exactly where you are driving. You just know that it is near my location (02).

If you say "eu dirijo em torno" I would understand you are driving around somewhere - you know the place where you are driving, and also the place where you are driving around.


Could you also say "Dirijo ao redor"?


It wouldn mean the same. It works in a sentence meaning like you were driving in circles. "Dirijo ao redor / em volta da quadra até encontrar uma vaga." The most common, though, is using "em volta". When you have no certain destination or right place (like driving, walking, etc) use "por aí".

  • "Onde você esteve/estava?" (where have you been?)
  • "Estive por aí procurando algumas casas à venda" (I've been walking around looking for houses for sale)


Why can't you use "para aí"?



Regarding distance "por aí" is an expression that means: in undetermined place (01); near somewhere (02); or in an unknown place (03).

(01) "Almoçou e saiu por aí" (he had lunch and went around - no one knows where he has gone);

(02) "Ele mora por aí onde você mora" (he lives around there where you live - you have an ideia on where, but you are not sure of the exact localization);

(03) "Ele não foi embora, ainda está por aí" (he has not left, he is still around - he still is around at unknown place).

"Eu dirijo para aí" = I drive to there (headed to there):

Suppose you live in Curitiba and I live in Porto Alegre. Then you call me and say: "Ei, eu dirijo para aí". I would understantd that you just got in your car, started driving and is headed to my city (Porto Alegre).

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