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Strengthen skills does the same things over and over?

I've been trying to use strengthen skills as a way to brush up on what I've learned. However, I find that it hits on the same things over and over and over. It's been almost entirely the same words as the very first lesson, even though I've been through 8 or so lessons. I don't remember what I covered in some of the middle lesson because it never brings them up. Yet it keeps having me type "en man", "en kvinna", "en pojke", "en flicka", and its other favorite "ett brev och en tidning".

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a bug in the Swedish strengthen skills?

November 23, 2014



People have been complaining for a long time about similar problems for other or all languages. Compare for example this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3743417

It seems to be a general problem, and unfortunately not one the staff cares much about fixing or commenting on.


I think I've had a similar problem in Irish. The questions in Strengthen Skills all come from Basics 1/2, Food, Animals, Clothing and Colours. I never seem to get any from Phrases, Plurals, Eclipsis, Lenition, Possessive or V: Pres 1. In addition a few of those that I never get to strengthen ungold so I clearly should be getting them now and then. It's somewhat frustrating.

[deactivated user]

    Fear, buachaill, uisce, ceapaire agus bainne, an biachlar agus uisce :P I type them automatically :P


    Try to do strengthen skills from each skill itself, so, click on food for instance, and click on the hamburger where it says to strengthen food, and then you can practice it. And, if you want to strengthen skills and don't want to go through every skill itself, and you do it, instead of pressing continue, press practice again, and it will give you harder words.


    I can say ett brev, en anka, ankan, kvinna, and en kopp kaffe with perfect fluency now. But, uh, not much else with perfect prnounciation. Never know when a Swede might ask you to say the duck. You just never know...


    I have the exact same problem. This is basically making the course unusable. I have literally never been tested on most of the words from the skills so far despite always getting the one's you mentioned correct every time (upwards of ~30 attempts by now to get it to test me on something else).


    I'm finding it more helpful to go to the skill itself to strengthen whole unit.

    This thread has some very thorough explanations of how Strengthen Skills works.


    Thanks for the link, that's really helpful to know!


    I've noticed that too, Got the same sentences over 4 times in a row, so annoying.


    If you do timed practice you will get less repetition. However some sentences keep popping up far to often. The French course still wants me to translate the following sentence at least a twice a day: "J'ai envie de vivre dans vos chaussures pour être avec vous à chacun de vos pas."


    8 lessons or 8 skills? If it is only 8 lessons then you need to do more, because 8 lessons is just Basics 1, Basics 2 and 2/3 of Phrases.


    Sorry, I miscounted. It's 10 lessons. The first three skills plus one less of food. But there are entire lessons that I've forgotten because it NEVER asks me a thing from them whereas there are other lessons that it will test me on over and over and over. Pretty frustrating.


    It takes about three days from the time you learnt a word for their to be a 20% chance that you've forgotten it. Review the word too early and it becomes inefficient, you study more than you need to; review it too late and it's also inefficient, there's too good a chance that you've forgotten the word already. I don't know how Duo's SRS system works, but I'd give it 3-5 days before the new words show up in strengthening skills.


    I have noticed that as being true with the Swedish program, at least. I have not had this issue with any other language thus far.


    I have experienced the same thing. I know I'm super keen, but I get around it by repeating each individual lesson each time I practice (or, pick five modules at a time, or whatever) instead of "strengthening". It has meant that I've really taken everything in and learned. When you get good, it doesn't take a lot of time, it really helps it sink in, and it also stops you having to repeat endless things about everyone in the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ world drinking water and every newspaper and letter


    I noticed that too. I thought it was just my imagination. :-) I've started going to each individual skill to practise it instead of doung the general "strengthen skills". That way I can make sure I practise everything.

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