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English Grammar Mistakes In Multiple Choice

Today I was Practising my German, when i came across a multiple choice question. The correct answer was 'they have a jacket' and one of the wrong ones was 'they have an jacket' the only difference being 'a' and 'an'. I don't think there should be any grammatical wrong answers in English in the multiple choice questions when practising from the language your learning to english, because that is just practising English. Any others agree? Thanks for reading!

P.s. I abolutely love Duolingo.

P.p.s. I also know that this might not be the most important thing to work on right now ;)

July 5, 2013



Hi antioli! Thanks for this feedback! :)


You're welcome ;)


I have also seen "I am" vs "I'm" where they are both proper english and proper translations, but one is marked as an incorrect answer. Personally I'm finding the pedantic nature of duolingo is really impeding my ability to get ahead.


I agree with you, antioli! it's too easy when one of the options just doesn't make sense.. Some times I get something like "the water drinks milk" lol.. it saves me when time's running low, but yeah not the best Spanish exercise.. :P :)


thank you for this information


There are inevitably mistakes like this and you should report them. I've found that most are corrected quickly.

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