"Det regnar enligt honom."

Translation:It is raining according to him.

November 24, 2014

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good way to remember the meaning of 'enligt': it sounds like 'englighten,' so in this sentence, he enlightened me that it's raining because that's who said it's raining


Excellent mnemonic


Finally a translation for the dutch word: 'geheugensteun' which translates loosly to 'support of memory'.

Fun fact, in dutch we also call it a 'ezelsbruggetje' its a saying. If you translate it, it would say 'donkeybridge' which makes no sense at all. So i am very happy to finally come across the word mnemonic.


and in german we say Eselsbrücke :)


Thanks, great tip!


I thought the exact same thing before coming to the comments. You have my lingot :D


i didnt even know what 'enlighten' is, you gave me double lesson! Tack!


I think Persian has been missed in your language collection, Lady!


The more Swedish i go through the more mistakes i make in English.When i try to translate things like jag,dem or stuff like that i sometimes say it in Swedish without thinking


If english isn't your native language, you should be careful. It happened to me with german and japanese, where I had to completely give up german that I spoke well in order to learn japanese. In psychology this is called interference theory, so if you research it a bit you might find a way to avoid what happened to me :)


I had the same thing with Thai and Japanese. After learning thai I was almost incapable to speak even basic sentence in Japanese. Each time the Thai word was coming out


When I'm doing German on Duolingo, I find myself translating the English sentences into Swedish instead of German - and I've been learning German for years, compared to a month of Swedish lol


Me learning French when i'm fluent in Portuguese haha, attempting to speak Portuguese to friends now I come out with French words sometimes oops!


I'm the other way around.! I finished the German tree years ago, but now that I'm learning Swedish, I still sometimes translate in German in my head. Especially for the sentences with "han/hon" for some reason.


This happens to me a lot now with English too. And I've noticed that my accent has changed a little bit.


How is honom related to han and not hon? >~<' confused


It is a little confusing to begin with but you'll get the hang of it once you remember which relates to which! Han/honom och hon/henne.


Probably not a lot of people will get this, but i got it after reminding myself that a 'hen' is dutch for a female chicken


Pretty sure it isn't really related, it's just the way it is. I think of it as the "om" at the end of "hon" in "honom" means "opposite of woman".


If the sentence was the other way around, would it be "Enligt honom, regnar det" ? Or would it still be "Enligt honom, det regnar" ?


It would be "Enligt honom regnar det".


The first one, "Enligt honom regnar det". Verb must go in second position, so "regnar" must go just after "enligt honom"


I don't get this sentence... What does it mean It is raining according to him?

I typed in the word enligt in google translate and along with according to it also offered under. Thus we have It is raining under him... well okej, at least somewhat and I take it as something seriously scared this man since its "raining" under him :)

i hadn't enough of under, I had to check for enligt in Folkets Ordbok app on my tablet and the best synonim was by which has the meaning close to in swedish (if I got it right).


  • Låt oss göra det enligt dina principer för omväxlings skull (Let's do it by your standards for a change)

Now we have It is raining close to him

Any truth about that :D Thank you in advance


"Enligt" usually means "according to" but could also be "by", "in accordance with", "as per" and probably a couple more depending on context. In this sentence it means "according to" (I guess you can have differing opinions as to what constitutes rain, or perhaps you suspect he might be lying).


may it mean that person A told me that it rains and now I am telling to person B that it is raining according to person's A information?


Sure, although you'd probably just say "A sa/säger att det regnar" :) It's exactly the same as "It's raining according to A" vs. "A said/says it's raining"


Oh wow, tack så mycket!! Now I understand it :)


I'm learning that sometimes the sentences don't have to make literal perfect sense (and sometimes you learn better when it doesn't make sense, as you have to know/learn the words, not remember the known phrase), sometimes they are just a collection of words so we can learn the meanings/combinations


unfortunately it doesn't work with me :( something that doesn't make sense to me simply never stays in my head since it's pointless because i have no idea how to use it while speaking :)


If you think of it in a sarcastic way, one might say "It's raining, according to him" when it's not raining at all, as if pointing out the "him" is in such a bad mood that they'd say it's raining even if it's sunny. That's how I think of such sentences.


"it is raining according to ...." sounds normal to me. eg
Q - What does he say about the weather today in his city ? A - It is raining according to him.

Not an everyday pattern but not weird


Same here, I'm trying to learn the... (I was told there IS no swedish grammer, LOL by my swede girlfriend) grammar correctly, though I have to remember this IS NOTthe English language and English grammar... xD

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    Is the g in enligt silent?


    Yes, usually it is silent. We seldom try to articulate it. It is the -T at the end that is heard, mainly. Or rather, the -IT ending is stressed (with a lost -g- inbetween).


    990 streak?! Woah that's incredible :D


    Is enligt somehow connected to the word dåligt?


    No, 'enligt (honom)' = according to (him). But 'dåligt' is an adverb, if doing something 'badly'. Or if it is an adjective it is the conjugation together with a det-word (dålig, dåligt). "Ett dåligt äpple" (a rotten apple)


    Tack! That helps


    What about " Han säga att Det regnar."? (I mean, 'He says that It's raining.')


    It would be Han säger att det regnar – the verb needs to be in the present tense. ('säga' is the infinitive).


    Tack!! That helps


    So, if "enligt honom" can go at the end of the sentence, why is not acceptd as corrrect "Skärp är grönt enligt honom" in a previous excercise in this same lesson?


    It wouid have to be skärpet, then.


    I see. Tack!


    Could this sentence be like "Enligt honom regnar det"??


    Yes, Swedish can change the word order around like this. Enligt honom regnar det = According to him it rains.


    is "ligt" a common root word or is it derived from something? can't find anything on the etymology of this word on wiktionary.


    Would it be right to say Enligt honom regnar det if I wanted to say According to him, it is raining.

    And while I am at it, would there be a comma just like there is in English


    Yes, that is perfect. And you wouldn't use a comma, since Swedish moves the verb to make the subclause a grammatical part of the main clause instead.


    Do we use "det" instead of "den" in this sentence because the subject is not clarified? So would this coincide with the French "Il pleut" instead of "ça pleut"? Thanks.


    Yes, Swedish use 'Det' in the same unspecified way as in French 'Il pleut'.


    Can i say det är rengar


    Nope, we don't have a construction like that.
    Det regnar covers both It rains and It is raining.


    ...and I just don't think of him as a trustworthy person


    Pronunciation is crazy in this one


    In lithuanian, "enligt honom" would be "anot jo" or "pasak jo" :)


    the lady said "tonan" instead of honom.


    The disks ae to small for my finger

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