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  5. "She uses her book."

"She uses her book."

Translation:Hon använder sin bok.

November 24, 2014



How is hennes appropriate in this situation? I thought that you only use sin when it describes something possessed by the subject.


Welcome to reflexive possessive pronouns!

"She uses her book" can be translated in two different ways with different meanings:

  • "Hon använder sin bok": sin if the book belongs to the subject (in this case she/hon) in the sentence
  • "Hon använder hennes bok": hennes if the book belongs to some other woman

Less ambiguity than in English! Yay! Another example:

  • "Erik älskar sin flickvän" means Erik loves his own girlfriend.
  • "Erik älskar hans flickvän" means Erik loves some other dude's girlfriend.

When there are multiple subjects in a sentence it can get tricky but don't worry too much - many native speakers (including journalists) get it wrong even in simple situations like the ones above.


Lucky Erick, 2 girlfriends in one example :)


Bruker or använder, same thing.


hon använder er bok : is a valid sentence?


I'd say so, yes! "She uses your (plural) book".


what about gagnar?


No, that sounds weird.

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