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Completed Irish tree

I completed the Irish tree today. What should I do to continue learning/practicing Irish since duolingo does not offer translations yet?

November 24, 2014



Congratulations!!! In case you're interested, RustyDee is keeping a Hall of Fame list of victorious Duolingoers who have completed the Irish tree.



Congrats! I should be getting there in a week or so. You should try watching TG4 online. A lot of people like Rós na Run and I really like Aifric. I recommend watching episodes multiple times and you should find yourself understanding more and more each time. There are also people available on iTalki that you can speak Irish with and who will correct writing.


Thanks. I will give that show a try.

[deactivated user]

    Comhghairdeas!! :)


    There is a Yahoo group where we translate Irish books--mostly kids' books, but we're doing a book of Biddy Jenkinson short stories now-- into English. It's called Úrscéalta because that's what we usually read. You can just Google that and look at some of the posts to see how well it suits you.


    I forgot to mention the BEST thing to do--go to Ireland to an Irish course. There are actually a good number of places that offer Irish classes for adults. The only one I have first-hand experience with is Oideas Gael, and I'd be delighted to (try to) answer any questions about my stay there.


    Buy a Bible in Irish. Read it along side an English version. It'll keep you going for a year!

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