"Tretton personer är borta."

Translation:Thirteen people are gone.

November 24, 2014

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Interesting that a frying pan going missing gets an exclamation point, but thirteen people going missing only warrants a period. :)


Personer vs människor vs folk? Are they pretty much interchangeable?


They are almost the same


Are gone? Ouch! As a native speaker I put 'have gone' but waa marked wrong.


why not thirteen people have gone - much more natural in English


Thirteen people have gone. - They have gone home or something like that. It's just the past perfect of go.

Thirteen people are gone. - They have been abducted by aliens, or fell overboard at sea. To be gone is to have disappeared or at least to have perished somehow.

I'm only a low-level Swedish learner, but I have mapped bort in my head to a Klingon verb meaning be all gone so I think that bort is not equivalent to a past perfect of gor or oker (those o's should be a's with rings, but I don't know how to get the right letters on my US keyboard).


You can install the Swedish keyboard in Windows. Go to settings, then to keyboard then advanced keyboard settings. It is much easier to switch between the two languages on Android tablets and phones.


Dear Qov-jIH-je, not being able to type å, ö or ä on your keyboard must be a big problem with duo lingo! on my Mac keyboard you can either do this with the English keyboard by using option key, or switch to swedish notation. Same on an iPhone I think. Roger


Person is not the same?


Person in either language is singular, but since there are 13, we need either personer (in Swedish) or people (in English).


Interesting, my first thought was they had not arrived at all. But they are gone. I am not native English speaker and I know this saying, but anyway.


You can also use persons in English as in persons of interest to the police. Not common but acceptable

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