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  5. "Kan du forhindre dem?"

"Kan du forhindre dem?"

Translation:Can you prevent them?

November 24, 2014



Is the English translation grammatically correct? It just doesn't sound right to me...


It's correct. For example: "I keep getting migraines." "Can you prevent them?"


I think it's correct if the subject knows what they want to do.

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So basically you just need the context...


In this case it's pretty obvious that the context is missing since the pronouns do not refer to a subject present in the sentence. It would be hard to imagine that "them" would be a group of persons but it could easily be a group of other things : symptoms of a sickness, bad habits/reflexes, or anything undesirable that could happen many times essentially.


We waste time trying to figure out a context where an awkward sentence might make sense. We are here to learn Danish, not to read the minds of the authors of the course.


if 'them' is a group of people it would have to be 'hinder', 'stop', etc.


Is there a reason this can't be "hinder"? Or is there another word for that?


Hinder can be used, except I don't think Dualingo has gotten to adding that word.

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