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  5. "Kvinders vin."

"Kvinders vin."

Translation:Women's wine.

November 24, 2014



I pulled a bottle off the shelf, but the label said "women's wine". I identify as a man, so needless to say I waltzed over to the men's wine section.


Can anyone clear things out for me, please?

Woman's wine. The woman's wine. Women's wine. The women's wine.

A overview of these were very helpful in this app. Thank you!


There was a table given in a few of the lessons. I copied it down so I can refer to it whenever I need. I THINK it would be en kvinds vin/kvindens vin/kvinders vin/kvindernes vin


The pronunciation is clearly "vinen". I realize that doesn't make sense, but it should be fixed. There's definitely the extra -en there

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