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"Ze is ongeveer veertig jaar oud."

Translation:She is approximately forty years old.

November 24, 2014



A lady's age is always approximately


Fast sounds like "zij". Slow = "ze" It's definitely not the same word

[deactivated user]

    Why shouldn't "She is approximately forty" be accepted?


    Either it's an alternative translation which hasn't been added yet. Or the course builders want users to stick as close to the original as possible. FYI in Dutch all 3 of these are used: ze is veertig, ze is veertig jaar and ze is veertig jaar oud.


    Why "jaar" instead of "jaren"?


    As I understand jaar is used for continuous consecutive years and jaren for non consecutive years.

    So you couldn't say "ze is veertig jaren oud." Unless she died for a year and came back to live the rest.


    Can't really say, but it's likely for the same way you'd say in English 'a forty year old woman' rather than 'a forty years old woman'. In this case, it's kind of being used adjectivally.

    For what it's worth, in some dialects of English (some varieties of Irish English, of Scottish English, and of the North of England), it would also be valid to say 'she's about forty year old', though this would more widely be considered 'nonstandard'.


    "She is round about forty years old." is not accepted. I assume that my english isn't as good as to understand why I'm wrong.


    Audio says 'zij' unless you slow it down...


    I think the Dutch speakers purposely muddle ze and zij in their sentences. It's only when you hear it very slow that there is a clear difference in pronunciation. Not really fair!


    Duo is never able to pick up my pronunciation of numbers, no matter which ones. I've checked my pronunciation every time with my Dutch speaking wife, even had her try it. I'm always marked as wrong, it has to be an error.


    she is almost 40 years old!

    Why almost was considered wrong! that's so strange!



    I'd guess because "she's almost 40 years old" implies that she is definitely younger than forty. "About/around/approximately 40 years old" means that she's around 40, with potential wiggle room in either direction.


    Thank you! I' ll try to remember.


    ongeveer is "approximately", "almost" or "about" in the tips. "She is almost forty years old" is not correct apparently.


    is it a so big mistake to write 40 instead of forty ?

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