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  5. "Museet stänger nu."

"Museet stänger nu."

Translation:The museum is closing now.

November 24, 2014



I put 'the museum shuts now', snd it says that is wrong, but that is interchangeable with the answer it supplies 'the museum closes now'


I put the same. To close and to shut are interchangeable in English in this context.


Museet är nu stängt: I believe stängt here is an adjective. If I am not wrong, the en form is stäng, the ett form is stängt, and the plural form is stänga. Native speakers, Please correct me if I am wrong.


It is a perfect participle of the verb "stänga" and the forms are: ett-nouns: museet är stängt
en-nouns: dörren är stängd
plural: museerna är stängda


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