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  5. "Vart flyger piloten?"

"Vart flyger piloten?"

Translation:Where is the pilot flying to?

November 24, 2014



Wither flyest the pilot?


Does this just mean 'Where is the pilot flying?' or does it also mean 'To where is the pilot flying?'. Because I though 'vart' was more like 'to where'. The answers to such a question might be different e.g. 'over Europe' instead of 'to Australia'.


Traditionally, ”vart” means ”whereto, whither” whereas ”var” means ”where, at what place”. In reality, ”vart” means both ”where” and ”whereto” in everyday spoken language. The distinction is usually made in written language however. In this sentence they most likely only mean ”whereto”.


Thanks, the translation says "where is the pilot flying" which made me question vart vs var. I think the contributors might like to consider altering it?


Can i say where the pilot is flying? Thanks


Jag är fortforande förvirrad om det.


About what?


Använder jag Vart eller Var? Jag är klar nu. Denna webbplats (http://www.fritext.se/svenska/svenska8.html) och två öl, hjälpte mig att förstå. Skol och tack.


Do not though, that "klar" here means "finished", and you say "I am finished now". Although I get what you mean, you should instead say "Nu vet jag" or something similar.


Why "Where the pilot flies?" is not correct?


In English, "Where the pilot flies" is a statement. To turn this into a question you need "Whither does the pilot fly?" "To where does the pilot fly?" "To where is the pilot flying?" or "Where is the pilot flying?"


It took me like 5 minutes to figure out the correct word combination, I knew the meaning but I couldn't decypher what answer I could make with the given words

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