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Speech microphone possibility?

Hej! first I want to thank the team on producing an excellent Swedish course, have been using it regularly for 7 days already and love it.

I am not sure if it is related to using Chrome on Mac, but I have not been prompted for any spoken tasks yet (i.e. with the microphone) - but I have enabled it in my settings. I had a problem with french in chrome, but that did at least request if it had permission.

So, I am thinking perhaps as it is Beta there is as yet no spoken parts completed. Just if someone can clarify for me, please - I am not moaning!

Edit: just tried it in firefox and not prompted there either it seems. Perhaps I have not advanced far enough yet in the course?

November 24, 2014



Speech recognition is a harder problem technically than TTS, which still isn't working well in the Swedish course on even simple words, so I'd look for the TTS issues to be resolved first. It can be done though, because the Google Translates TTS and speech recognition for Swedish are actually not bad, at least for me. If you're itching for something to practice speech with, you might try that to get an idea of where you are. Nothing beats working with a native speaker, of course.


Thank you for the suggestion to use google translate's text to speech! For everyone else, here's a screenshot demonstrating how to do it. Just type "google translate" as your google search, then select swedish from the dropdown menu on the left side. Click the microphone (in chrome, you have to click "allow" when prompted to use the microphone) and start speaking!



hi thanks both - that's fine, I simply wasn't certain as still quite new to DL. I will find a swede to intercede :D


No speech exercises are implemented in the Swedish course yet.

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the course!

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