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  5. "I eat a meal."

"I eat a meal."

Translation:Jag äter en måltid.

November 24, 2014



Different mat and måltid?


mat = food måltid=meal


I tried "mål" as in when I go to Max and order a combo meal. Is there any situation where that would be the correct answer?


You can say "Jag äter ett mål mat" ("I eat some food" is the best translation I can think of at the moment), even though it's a saying that's not used much anymore. Even though "Jag äter ett mål" is completely correct I wouldn't advise you to use it, as the first thought Swedes would get if you said it would be "What? Did he eat a goal?" thinking of the set of posts used in football/hockey/handball/floorball... :-)


Wouldn't it be better to say "have a meal"?


I think that would be 'jag har en måltid'. The verb is different.

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