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  5. "What do you wish for?"

"What do you wish for?"

Translation:Hvad ønsker du dig?

November 24, 2014



Why would "hvad ønsker du" be incorrect?


Duolingo is trying to tell us (by using "wish") that this is about gift-giving, as in "What do you want for Christmas". In Denmark we have a special phrase for this and since when we ask the question there is usually a holiday or a birthday coming up, so we don't feel the need to add the event in the phrase. We just say "Hvad ønsker du dig?". The reflexive word "dig" is how you can recognize it, because that's usually solely about presents. "Hvad ønsker du" can mean a lot of things, and - like the other replier wrote - it usually translates as "What do you want".


well at least for americans. "what do you wish for" could be world peace ( as a questions in a beauty contest for example) and have nothing to do with gift-giving. When I see the phrase du dig, it is confusing because , reflexive or not, du and dig sometime mean the same thing. IMO better to say its an idiom and let's have a few of those to memorize. Using the term "wish" to imply all that other stuff is asking it to do too much.


That would be "what do you want?"


It could also be asked when someone makes a wish from a shooting star or the like.

But that usage would be much rarer.


This is a great example where students need context and abstractly throwing sentences our way isn't enough


I agree with that but it's Duo's way... Make the mistake and try to remember next time.


Hvad ønsker du til. Wrong?


Why does it read What wish for you you ? Why two words that both say you ?


In America we just say what do you want as a gift for Christmas or your birthday etc rather than a wish for. Then we ask for alternatives so that certain things that may not fit a budget still have backups that can fit our budget


After reading the comments I am still confused on when and how to use Du and Dig

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