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"My friends said they would wait for me at the airport."

Translation:Meus amigos disseram que esperariam por mim no aeroporto.

July 5, 2013



Meus amigos disseram que eles esperariam por mim no aeroporto


That, or "Os meus amigos disseram que eles esperariam por mim no aeroporto", also should have been accepted. I reported it.


How would para work or not work here?


It marked my word order wrong. I had "no aeroporto por mim" Really wrong?


Interestingly, if I had heard this sentece, "por mim" would mean "in my behalf".


2020 So Paulenrique, I also put "meus amigos disseram que esperaciam no areoporto por mim" (or I might have put "para" mim) Would that have been the correct construction if I meant that my friends were actually waiting for me to arrive at the airport, say from a flight from abroad? and, I would only have said "Meus amigos disseram que esperariam por mim no areoporto" if I meant that they were standing in for me at the airport until I arrived from the city, so that they could keep my place in the que, as I was running late? If they would be two different sentences, shouldn't Duolingo accept either sentence, as we don't know which way they meant it? Sorry for this massive question!


would 'que me esperariam no aeroporto' work too?'


Is "esperar-me-iam" wrong?


I am just a student, but I've never seen this kind of infix in Portuguese.

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