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"I have nothing to do with that affair."

Translation:Non ho niente a che fare con quell'affare.

July 5, 2013



"a che fare" = "to do"


Any way of knowing when to use 'da' or 'a' or just skip it (niente fare con...)? And why is it 'a che fare' here, rather than just 'a fare' or simply, 'fare'?


There's 'niente a que fare' (nothing to do with) and 'niente da fare' (nothing can be done). Learn them as chunks; you cannot leave out any of the words.


Sorry but I am really mad now. FACCENDA has TWO C's. They need to USE A DICTIONARY WHEN they WRITE their stupid disconnected sentences!


They have taken away eight hearts from me tonight for only one valid mistake.... the others were all correct. I feel like quitting using this stupid program.


Someone mentioned to me that Duolingo is a project to help machine translation algorithms learn to translate tricky sentences better. Could it be possible that some of the sentences that we are asked to translate are (1) coming from an algorithm that is known to be broken, and our reporting errors is meant to improve it, or (2) coming from real-world texts somewhere that an algorithm can't understand, and so may contain human errors like typos and grammatical mistakes?


Duolingo used to charge for crowd-sourced translations. It doesn't any more.

The courses are built entirely by humans.


Absolutely. The service is designed so that, as users progress through the lessons, they simultaneously help to translate websites and other documents.[1][2] This is from the Wikipedia definition.


The translations that we help produce are those in the Immersion section, not the questions we answer in the lessons.


It's actually rather hilarious to read my initial comment a year later. Wow, was I angry! At that time I didn't know that all caps equated to shouting. At any rate Duolingo's creator also invented ReCaptcha (and sold it). DL has many similar features. Immersion is not the only one. In fact, it is rumored that they are planning on doing away with immersion.


I think that learning a language through translation isnt the best way of learning but here i am still here doing my daily strike after a long break from the app...


If you find a correct translation that the lesson doesn't accept, use the report button to bring it to the attention of the course team.


Yes, and then they email you when it becomes an accepted translation. Btw I think the writer who wrote faccenda with one 'c' is no longer a part of the team. Sono più simpatici gli attuali. ;)


Hilarious old questions ;)

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