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"Who has information about this aspect?"

Translation:Chi ha informazioni su questo aspetto?

July 5, 2013



Why is l'informazione not accepted?

July 7, 2018


Duo doesn't know Italian grammar either? My answer is correct and theirs is wrong... and I can prove it. Chi ha informazioni riguardante quest'aspetto? (What I put and was counted wrong). There is elision of questo, questa, and quella before a noun beginning with a vowel. Examples: quest'aereo » this airplane quest'aula » this classroom quell'autostrada » that highway Source - http://www.italianlanguageguide.com/grammar/demonstrative-adjective.asp

July 5, 2013


It should be "Chi ha informazioni riguardanti quest'aspetto?"

July 6, 2013


...riguardante with an e. Their answer was '...riguardante questo aspetto' which is WRONG. Pazienza.

July 6, 2013
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