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"Who has information about this aspect?"

Translation:Chi ha informazioni su questo aspetto?

July 5, 2013



Why is l'informazione not accepted?


does anyone know of a good way to tell if information is singular or plural in these sentences? I am guessing wrong all the time. I thought it would require singular l'informazione here because it pertains to a particular aspect.


When did we learn that aspetto translated as "aspect"?


This answer should also be accepted: 'delle informazioni'


Duo doesn't know Italian grammar either? My answer is correct and theirs is wrong... and I can prove it. Chi ha informazioni riguardante quest'aspetto? (What I put and was counted wrong). There is elision of questo, questa, and quella before a noun beginning with a vowel. Examples: quest'aereo » this airplane quest'aula » this classroom quell'autostrada » that highway Source - http://www.italianlanguageguide.com/grammar/demonstrative-adjective.asp


It should be "Chi ha informazioni riguardanti quest'aspetto?"


...riguardante with an e. Their answer was '...riguardante questo aspetto' which is WRONG. Pazienza.

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