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Spreadsheet + Memrise course: En/Ett + Definite articles + Plural endings

edit: Make sure you follow me here on Duolingo so you can see if I make any new updates! I promise my posts are only relevant to any future Swedish resources I'm compiling.

Google Sheet

Memrise course

So I've come around to create this - the part of the Swedish which requires pure memorization thus requires a Memrise course! :) I hope some will find it useful. The levels aren't complete yet but I'm copy+pasting from the sheet as you read this. Audio will be added soon.

Please note: There are probably some errors in the sheet, I was sent the English nouns but had to translate most myself, I don't know of all the synonyms Duolingo might be using, and I'm unsure about which nouns are uncountable - I am not an academic but I like to put together spreadsheets and courses nonetheless.

With your help (I'm looking at you, fellow swedes!) it should be error-free in a day or two. You may aquire editing rights to the spreadsheet if you email me at svenskasanna at gmail.com, please include Duolingo username so I know who you are! Preferably one of the Course moderators would be neat... :D

Suggestions very welcome. Is there another column you want to see added in the sheet? Any idea how I should color code the plural endings? Is there anything that's completely dumb or confusing? Let me know!

November 24, 2014



Thank you for another amazing resource!


Det var så lite så! :)


Awesome. Thanks.


Thank you! Duolingo and Memrise go so well together!


Oh wow, us Swedish learning folks really get a lot of attention lately. :) Thank you Sanna for the great learning supplement!

(EDIT: I've just noticed that your name is Sanna not Anna. Mea culpa!)


This is just what I was looking for! Tack så mycket :)


Been waiting for something like this on memrise! One thing, and it's relatively small: Memrise says "type the Swedish for the English" when you're actually typing the English for the Swedish. Is there a way to fix this? It's easy to figure out what they want of course, but just wondering


" Type the Swedish for the English above and press Enter: "

That's what it says for me, the 'above' after English implies the English word is being displayed above, and you're supposed to type in Swedish in the box below.

This is default to the Memrise software I'm afraid.

Or am I misunderstanding you?


I know, but the word above is the Swedish word (at least on level 2).


I messed up haha. Didn't switch order of the columns when pasting from the sheet. Give me five minutes.

edit: and done. Let me know if it happens again and if so which word


No problem :) I've made a Swedish course in Memrise and I know how much work goes into it :)


Yes, there are some exercises in this course which provide Swedish above and prompt the user to enter English, rather than providing English above and prompting the user to enter Swedish. See this screenshot for an example:


It sounds like this might be a limitation of memrise rather than an error in your course?

P.S., thanks so much for this memrise course! I'm finding this very confusing as I start learning Swedish, and this is the perfect resource for memorization. :)


You are wonderful! Tack så mycket! :)


Wow, this is awesome. Thank you very much for your work and for sharing.


An excellent addition to the learning process! Thank you so much!


Okay, that's really, really cool - tack så mycket!


That's great :-D Tack så mycket!


Thank you. This will be very helpful.


tack så mycket!!

[deactivated user]

    This seems very helpful, although I don't know what memrise is. Thank you anyway, bookmarking for the future.


    Detta är fantastik! Tack, min vän


    I started writing down all the words I learn, trying to group them, adding plurals and so on, but definitely it needs a lot of motivation, that I'm afraid can be lost. The spreadsheet seems to be just a wonderful gift from you. Tack!


    Wow love this! Super organized. Tack så mycket!


    Tack så mycket Sanna! :)


    This is fantastic. Have I mentioned this is fantastic? On the off chance I didn't: this is fantastic.


    Hey, I don't know if you're still maintaining this thing, but I think I've found a few mistakes:

    "Stund" is listed as "moment", but Duolingo (as I recall) calls it "period". "Ögonblick" is also listed as "moment" so I think this is a typo.

    The translation for "chicken" is given as "kycklingar", which should be "chickens".

    I vaguely recall there's also a mistake in one of the Family sections but now I can't remember what it is, welp.

    I'm happy to make these tweaks myself - gonna email you in a sec - but it's understood if you don't want to give out edit access to some random schmuck who doesn't yet know Swedish :V


    Found the Family bug! "Morbror" should be "maternal uncle", not "maternal brother".


    Thank you! I'm still maintaining, although I've been away for some time. Correcting now.


    Thanks so much for this!

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