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  5. "An bhfuil an rúnaí ag obair?"

"An bhfuil an rúnaí ag obair?"

Translation:Is the secretary working?

November 24, 2014



It can't be 'at work'?


It could be, but I think that in this sentence they’re trying to stress the use of ag obair in the manner of an Irish verbal noun for translating an English present participle.


I'm confused. When I had my first Irish class, it was STRESSED that 'ag obair' meant 'working'.


....That's what it means, right? What's the problem?


In Dutch it doesn't sound strange when you say "at work". Waar is de secretaris? Hij is op het werk.


It accepts 'at work' but I'm seeing a lot in the comments section about 'ag obair' stressing 'working'. Would I seem an idiot if I used 'at work'? What is a better usage, if not 'ag obair'?


The NEID uses ag an obair for the "at the office" meaning of "at work" (bhíomar ag caint faoi ag an obair - "We were talking about it at work") and ag obair for the "working" meaning of "at work" (Bhí sí ag obair go crua - "She was working hard"/"She was hard at work").

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