"Het museumpje verzamelt verschillende voorwerpen."

Translation:The museum collects various objects.

November 24, 2014


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One would never actually say "museumpje" unless it is a REALLY small museum.

November 24, 2014


I like the concept of a museumpje. I've been to many of them in small towns, where the town provides a space, a volunteer or two does the "curating" (such as it is) and the people of the town provide the collections. A cute little museum is a perfect description for those.

January 31, 2015


Er ligt een frietje museumpje in Brugge.

October 9, 2015


I've been there :D

December 20, 2015


Well.. perhaps as a term of endearment.. The cute little museum around the corner, het schattige museumpje om de hoek.

November 24, 2014


I suppose they use it with those weird museums around RLD.

February 12, 2015


Well, the one in OudeWater is a museumpje for sure. My goodness... Takes like 3 minutes to see it all.

June 2, 2015


I used 'gathers' instead of 'collects' and it was wrong. What is the difference? - both in dutch and english?

March 5, 2016
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