"I have no questions."

Translation:Jag har inga frågor.

November 24, 2014

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Is there a lesson I missed with the differences between inga, ingen and inte? From reading some of the questions and answers here I kind of get the difference but there isn't an explanation on the site itself or in a lesson - they just show up in some phrases (same with finns)

Especially when it's a word like "mat" that is hard to figure out if it's an -en or -ett word.


I'm having the same issue. When were we supposed to learn this?


"Det finns" was taught in the verbs section; it means "there is" or "there are". I don't think there was a section on "ingen", "inget" and "inga", but they serve to negate nouns (as opposed to verbs) and each is used depending on the gender of the noun and number of objects.

In my experience, if you want to learn the most from the Duolingo website, the notes for each section and the comments are very valuable resources.


This what you said is the only way to learn in depth. Not from the web sight because there is no support, but the posted comment from learners before.


Mat is an en word as matet doesn't look right too me


Why we cant use inte?


Inga, inget, and ingen, all those three are used for describing a noun. On the other hand, inte is used to describe a verb.

Jag har inte frågor: I do not have a question, inte has an effect on har, not on frågor.

Jag har inga frågor: I have no questions, inga has an effect on frågor, not on har.


what is the difference between inga and inget?


Inget is for ett-words, ingen is for en-words and inga is for all plural words.

Inget papper = No paper

Ingen penna = No pen

Inga lektioner = No lessons/classes


Is there a significant difference between "Jag har inga frågor." and "Jag har inte några frågor." ? :)

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No, inga is basically inte några in short.


I must have missed something somewhere, because I don't remember ever formally being introduced to how you're supposed to determine inga, ingen, or ing-whatever.


Would this be the same as "I don't have a question"?


This isn't a question about this sentence, but I am in the Ruby League and my last 65 points have not registered. I can't see how to post this in the Troubleshooting. I can see general questions but not how to post a new question. Help!


How do i know when to use inga and ingen? Is inga for plurals?


Needs to explain the grammar


Can we say "Jag har ingen fråga" instead of "Jag har inga frågor". What's the difference that may have between them?


Your first sentence means "i have no question" The second:" i have no questionS" First is singular, second plural

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