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  5. "É uma semana dura."

"É uma semana dura."

Translation:It is a hard week.

November 24, 2014



it is a hard days night ... oops


Fomos fazer um trabalho, tínhamos trabalhado o dia todo e a noite toda também! Cheguei ainda pensando que era dia, e disse: "Foi um dia duro" ... e eu olhei em volta e vi que estava escuro, então eu disse, ... "a noite"! Então chegamos a "A Hard Day's Night" -- The Beatles


my teacher never lets me get away will trabalho duro or semana duro. it would be something like trabalho con forca or semana dificil


How do you write 'It is one week long'?


Or, if you mean that literally, then possibly: "É de uma semana de duração" (or "Dura uma semana" with a slight change to "It lasts one week").


Obrigado Davu, I wanted to see the translation of my incorrect solution to -...semana dura-, which was, It is one week long. I like your ,It lasts one week, answer so I can see the different meanings.


Why do you use the 1st "de" in "É de uma semana de duração", instead of "É uma semana de duração" ? Thanks.


You mean "It's a long week"? If so: "É uma semana longa".


Why isn't it "estar" in this case? I had it right but it was more luck than knowledge.


Because you are describing a state or description of the week and it cannot readily change.


Probably because it hasn't been introduced yet but don't worry. It will be introduced a few leaves down the road.


"E dura uma semana" would be, "it lasts a week / it's one week's duration"?


Yep! Just be careful: É dura uma semana is actually WRONG, because of the "é" - it should be just Dura uma semana (or Ele/Ela dura uma semana, for example). No "é"!

But your verb meaning is correct C:


In this case, wouldn't you say "difícil" instead of "dura" since it means "hard" in the sense that it is difficult?


But you can also use "duro" to mean "difícil".

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