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A bit confused between jij and je, et al

Hello all. So I just started the Dutch course today and was able to get through the first lessons without too much fuss. However, I am still not sure about the following, and felt that at times I was just guessing during the exercises: Jij vs. Je Zij vs. Ze Wij vs. We

Can one use them interchangeably? For instance: Jij drinkt sap = Je drinkt sap Or is "jij" used as such: Jij drinkt sap = (Do) you drink juice, as in a question. Je drinkt sap = You drink juice

Many thanks!


November 24, 2014



There's a detailed explanation here.

[deactivated user]

    Jij is the stressed form of you. Its what you say when you want to emphasis that you (the other person) not someone else did something.

    Je is just normal you.


    Danke schön :) Or, better, Dank! I find that naturally, German helps quite a bit with Dutch and Swedish; however when I am tired or distracted then I make mistakes and mix things up. Do you find that happening from time to time as well? Cheers!

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