Dutch adjectives?

I'm on basic adjectives and I can't figure out when to add an -e at the end of it and when not to? Can someone please give me some clear guidelines on what to do?

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Mygrapefruit has created this very useful list of het and de words (important when dealing with the tricky adjective endings). I've been using the Memrise course as well- really great work.

Google Cheat Sheet:

Memrise course (audio added soon!):

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Basically there are 4 cases:

  1. de-word with definite article: -e
  2. de-word with indefinite (or no) article: -e
  3. het-word with definite article: -e
  4. het-word with indefinite (or no) article: NO -e

Here's some examples:

  1. de sterke jongen
  2. een sterke jongen
  3. het sterke meisje
  4. een sterk meisje

Then there's one last exception: if the adjective doesn't come directly before its noun, then it never gets the -e.

You can find a more detailed explanation in the grammar overview.

4 years ago
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