"Thank you for the apples!"

Translation:Tack för äpplena!

November 25, 2014

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för and till, what is the difference?


Well, different meanings. För means for and till means to, for or with depending on context and construction. Till can be a bit tricky, but keep practicing and you'll nail it soon enough. Wiktionary has a link with a few examples.



Here's a theory. Till implies an action. Köper till. För is no action. Tack för. Is that true?


Not that I know of. Largely, it's quite irregular which preposition to use with different actions.


If I wanted to directly say thanks to /you/, does "tackar dig" work?


Not really, it's odd to leave out the subject here in Swedish. In English, thank you works as a unit where the subject is left out, but it doesn't work the same in Swedish.
So I thank you would be Jag tackar dig.


Why not "Tack för äpplen"


Äpplen = apples
Äpplena = the apples

The sentence above needs the definite plural, thus it's äpplena.

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    excuse me, What's difference between "åt "" för" " till"??


    Well, prepositions are tricky and can have many different translations depending on context, so if I give a lengthy explanation I risk forgetting something. In this particular sentence, though, "Tack åt/till äpplena" would mean that you're extending your gratitude to the apples THEMSELVES, rather than the person who gave them to you.


    Why not "Tack dig för äpplena"?


    Thank you is a special expression in English – it is a sort of frozen expression. It "ought to be" I thank you, but "thank you" has become a unit that is used on its own. This hasn't happened in Swedish.
    So I thank you would be Jag tackar dig
    but thank you used as an expression is just tack (which works like thanks in English).


    could you use 'åt'? if getting the apples was done as a favour to the other person?


    No, åt would only be used like that to refer to the person you did it for. So Jag köpte äpplena åt Adam 'I bought the apples for Adam' would work.


    Arnauti (Wisdom of the Owl), I give to you a continued "hat's off" for your consistent and continuous help. You are a great help in giving depth to understanding the Swedish language. When your avatar comes up, it's becoming like an old friend... Thank you so very much (I would write it in SV but I don't have the OL keyboard...).


    Ok so the "thank you" is actually "thanks" so no "you/dig" so why has duo set me up for failure yet again. More learning by mistake which in my experience just seems to be a negative process which just infuriates me yet again. Pavlovs dog gets smacked again. When will the agony end.


    What's wrong with „Tack så mycket [...] ” I know that technically it means „Thank you very much [...] ” but aren't those and „Tack [...] ” / „Thanks [...] ” /„Thnak you [...] ”more or less interchangeable?


    Are Tack så mycket and Tack not as interchangable as Thanks, Thank you and Thank you very much?

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