"Mina döttrars barn är mina barnbarn."

Translation:My daughters' children are my grandchildren.

November 25, 2014

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Can we just appreciate how cute the word barnbarn is


How can you tell when it is 1. My daughters' children are my grandchildren vs. 2. My daughters' child is my grandchild?


Assuming that you mean daughter's and not daughters' in the second sentence, it would be

  1. Mina döttrars barn är mina barnbarn.
  2. Min dotters barn är mitt barnbarn.


I tried both tbh and when I put one they say incorrect and when I put the another happens to be the other... So I'm confused


Well, yeah - the sentence says mina both times, so they're both in the plural.


The plural possessive "daughters'" is the clue that barn is plural and not singular - unless your daughters share one child.


And "daughters'" would not include daughter-in-law, right? If one refers to one's daughter and her same-sex partner both as "daughters" this very confusion could arise. (I admit that even without the separate word for "daughter-in-law" this is an edge case.)


So a great grandmother is mormormor? I'm curious :D


I think "great grandmother" can be "mormorsmor," "farmorsmor," "farfarsmor," or "morfarsmor"? "Maternal grandmother's mother," "paternal grandmother's mother," "paternal grandfather's mother," and "maternal grandfather's mother," respectively?

Also, "great grandchild" is "barnbarnsbarn," or "grandchild's child." I think you add an s after each set of two, so long as there's another word after it. Mormorsfarfar, barnbarnsbarnbarnsbarn, farmorsmormorsfarfarsmorfarsmor, etc.

I might be wrong, though, I'm still pretty new at this! Sorry for any misinformation!


Two years late here, but it's very common to use gammelmormor / gammelfarmor. :)


So why isn't barn a single child? What in the sentence makes it children?


"Barn" cannot be "child" because, later in the sentence, the same people are referred to as "grandchildren." So that shows that there is more than one child.


Sorry this took so long, but thank you!


Because it's "daughters." The assumption is that multiple daughters do not have one single child between them.
If it was a single child, the person would say, "My daughter's child. Daughter would be singular, not plural.


"Mina barnbarn" is plural, "mitt barn" is singular.

Also what jean said.

"Min dotters barn" would be ambiguous. Then you wouldn't have been able to tell.


it seems that in the word bank daughters is missing an apostrophe at the end, i.e. daughters'


Unfortunately, the word bank is generated automatically and Duolingo is pretty bad at plural apostrophes, so it's nothing we can affect as contributors.

That said, we do accept "The children of my daughters ...", so it's also possible the word bank was trying to get you to put that. :)


If you think of it in terms of "the children of my daughters are my grandchildren,"it becomes clear that you would place the apostrophe after daughters in the sentence "my daughters' children are my grandchildren."


That's true, but Duolingo unfortunately has a bug which displays plural apostrophes incorrectly.


Is the problem mainly on mobile devices? I haven't experienced that problem on my computer. This sentence is displayed correctly. I just looked at the discussion because I had missed that it was daughters and not daughter the first time around. My mistake, not Duolingo's.


No, not as far as I'm aware. We literally have hundreds of comments - and thousands of error reports - all over the course regarding incorrect English because of incorrect plural aposteophes. I'm glad to hear it's working for you, though! Maybe they finally fixed some of the issue.


Thanks for getting back to me.


Is the word for great grandchildren, barnbarnbarn? :))


i'm understanding that for adding the word 'grand' to a relative just repeats the word?


Not necessarily the same word. For "child" it seems so, but for grandparents the first bit specifies which side of the family they're on.

farfar = father's father = paternal grandfather farmor = father's mother = paternal grandmother

And similar for the mother's side.


I could not find a way to ask this without actually comeing into one of these lessons chats.

Google translate was not helpful. I want to sing my son songs in swedish. How would I say "twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what ypu are"?


Courtesy of my Swedish fiancé: "Blinka, blinka lilla stjärna, hur jag undrar vad du är."


It's Blinka lilla stjärna där. The rest of the text is here: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blinka_lilla_stj%C3%A4rna


I wrote "grand children" so was marked incorrect I do not believe I was wrong!!


That should only give a typo notice, not mark the sentence as incorrect. So either you had another error, or there was a bug.


The possessive apostrophe in "daughters" is missing here :(


It's missing pretty much everywhere, unfortunately. Duolingo has a bug where it doesn't display the plural apostrophe correctly, and it's been that way forever. I honestly doubt it'll ever get fixed, but it's nothing that course contributors can affect.


That's a pity and quite ironic seeing as Duolingo is a language-learning platform...


Preaching to the choir. I've literally removed thousands of error reports on this, without being able to fix the issue. It is terribly frustrating.


I actually wrote "My daughters' children ate my grandchildren". Somehow, this was not accepted! :D


Why not dotterbarn?


It's probably not very meaningful to know whether their your daughter's children or your son's children. Especially if you have several daughters and/or sons. The same is not true for uncle and aunt, since you normally only have one father and one mother (but that is going to change, obviously).


What the ❤❤❤❤ is "barnbarn"?


Farfar, morfar, barnbarn and bonusbarn is where I'm starting to fall for Swedish

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