"The black shoes are mine."

Translation:De svarta skorna är mina.

November 25, 2014

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This is the first time I have encountered "de" used to mean something other than "they." When is it necessary to use it this way? Could the sentence simply be "Svarta skorna är mina" or does the use of adjectives require that a "de" be used as well?


"De" is used when the noun is plural and when there is an adjective before it, just like you have to use "den" and "det" in the singular when nouns have adjectives. For example, you have to say "Den vita boken," and not "Vit boken." As you can see, you still have to keep the noun in the definite form.


Is this sense of “de” also pronounced “dom”, like the “they” sense?


My native Swedish friend says yes, "de" here is also pronounced "dom".


Very much appreciated! Thank you!


"Vita" you use for plural nouns. Why do you use "vita" for a singular noun in your example (boken=the book)?


Shouldn't it be "den vita boken", or is my adjective usage completely faulty?


Sometimes I see "svarta skor", sometimes "svarta skorna"... I can't really grasp the difference =(


Skorna = the shoes Skor = shoes


whats the difference Svart and Svarta?


svart (singural) svart sko = black shoe, svarta (plural) svarta skor = black shoes


why cant it be "den svarta skorna ar mina" instead of "de svarta skorna ar mina"? This is the first time ive seen "de" used as the instead of they.


Because 'den' would be singular. 'De' is the plural form of 'den' or 'det'.


I still can't get it! OK, that's clear that i need do use the definite form of the adjective. Also I need to use the corresponding article. Why isn't it 'Den' instead of 'De'? En sko - skon - skorna - den svarta skorna.


If it is singular you say: En vit sko (a white shoe) All three words are in indefinit form Den vita skon (the white shoe) Definite article+definite form of the adjectice+ definite form of the noun)

But in plural it is: Två svarta skor (two black shoes) De svarta skorna (the black shoes) Pretty advanced grammar for this level, I think!


'De' is plural. 'Den' would be singular.

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