"Are you answering?"

Translation:Svarar du?

November 25, 2014

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There is only one correct answer.

Svar = answer (noun form, example: I have the answer.)

Svarar = answer (verb form, example: Are you answering?)

It can't be "Svar du?" because Svar is not the verb form, Svarar is. If "Svarar du?" had been an option it would have also been correct, but at this time only the options, "Svar du?", "Var ni?" and, "Svarar ni?" are given so there's only one correct answer: "Svarar ni?"


I typed in "Är svarar du?" and I got wrong. I don't quite understand the Är rule. Can someone explain, please?


In English, you have two present tenses: the simple present (answers) and the continuous (is answering). In Swedish though, like in many other languages, we only have one, which covers both. So svarar is the only verb you can use here.


I answered with the correct answer but it marked it incorrect and typed the same answer. Is this a glitch?


I'm afraid so – we've actually seen this happening sometimes lately :(


what is the difference between svara and besvara?


They are almost the same:

Att svara -> "To answer".

Att besvara -> "To reply".


i answered svarar ni. but it did not check it.


You had to answer both. I made the same mistake.


yes i answered but it does not go forward what i should do?


you have to select both of the correct answers


So is there any difference between ni and du and er?


Ni means you (plural). Du means you (singular).

Er is the possession of ni for -en words Ex. Your cat = Er katt

Ert is the possession of ni for -et words Ex. Your child = Ert barnet

Era is possession of ni for plurals Ex. Your cats = Era katter Ex. Your children = Era barn

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