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How do I know, who rated which of my translations in what way?

How do I know, who rated which of my translations in what way?

I rate the translations not according to "good english" but whether the translator apparently understood the meaning of the german sentence or not.

Lots of my few translations have not been rated (yet) or have not achieved full points. Duolingo obviously shows only the number of best rated sentences.

In order to check my translations, I should be able to catch a link to the sentences that did not receive the full rating and to the specific person who rated, so I can ask what was not correct in his or her opinion so I can think it over.

Can anyone help? Thanks

October 15, 2012



A translation should convey the German meaning and be in "good English". The reader must not be reminded that he is reading a translation. This "good English" does not have to mean "standard English", but to correspond to the original register of the German; for example slang. This, of course, is part of the meaning.


When people rate, they have the option to suggest an edit; in which case you will receive an email. If they don't suggest an edit, they probably would not want to be contacted with questions. I do agree that we should have the option of viewing the full rating information, to help us fix our own translations, but not view the raters. I'm all for keeping ratings anonymous, since the social aspect would skew ratings if we knew everyone could find out everything about how we rate. In fact, I wish I could not see whose translation I'm rating. It should not be relevant. On the other hand, it is not hard to check up on your own translations and fix them by going into the ratings, seeing what translations were rated highly, and then try to contrast yours with theirs and understand why raters considered the other ones better.

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