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Swedish Music / Svensk Musik.

So I have a bit of a thing for Swedish music. Although it's not my main second language priority I've always loved the musical tone of Svenska. Unfortunately, living all the way down in Oz, we don't exactly get much news regarding Swedish music so my library isn't as full as I'd like it to be. I would love to hear of other peoples favourite artists and bands.

Note: Obviously it would be nice if they actually have at least one or two songs ins Swedish but I'm not going to be picky here, some artists are too good not to share even if they only sing in English. I don't care if they're pop, rock, old-fashioned, or something indescribable - all Swedish artists are welcome :)

Two other discussions in case some names aren't mentioned on here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5611557


Swedish music online:






Updated list:

7milakliv, ABBA, Agnes, Agnetha Fältskog, Allan Edwall, bob hund, Carola, Caramell, Daniel Adams-Ray, Darin, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Detektivbyran, Dungen, Ebba Grön, Eva Dahlgren, Familjen, Fejd, Garmarna, Håkan Hellström, iamamiwhoami, Imperiet, Ison Fille, Jens Lekman, Jonna Lee, Jonathan Johansson, Kajse Grytt, Kent, Kikki Danielsson, Kristofer Åström, Laleh, Lars Winnerbäck, Lill Lindfors, Linnea Henriksson, Looptroop Rockers, Lovisa Negga, Mando Diao, Månegarm, Marie Fredriksson, Markus Krunegård, Martin Stenmarck, Melissa Horn, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Mitt Piano, Movits, Nina Rochelle, Nordman, Opeth, Oskar Linnros, Patrick Isaksson, Petter, Ratata, Raymond och Maria, Säkert, Sarah Dawn Finer, Septemberland, Sista mannen på jorden, Snook, Sofia Karlsson, Sonja Alden, Ted Gärdestad, The Deer Tracks, Thomas Stenström, Timbuktu, Tomas Ledin, Ulf Lundel, Veronica Maggio, Vintergatan, Wintergatan,

November 25, 2014



This has come up at least twice over the weekend. Check these out:



Searching the tags on streaming sites such as Spotify, 8Tracks, and Songza has given me a lot of good playlists, and they usually also group by genre. No guarantee that every single song under those tags is going to be in your target language, but it's a really solid starting place.


Thanks! I did have a decent look scrolling down but couldn't find anything. Didn't want to make another one if there was already a post about it. Should probably use the search function more but the times I have, I have often not found anything.


The search function isn't as useful as I'd like it to be, though I can't articulate why. I often just google "site:duolingo.com my question forums" and find the threads I want that way! Even if it's not the most recent post, it's usually still accurate.


I'll remember that for next time!


I recommend Veronica Maggio, she sings mostly in Swedish. I also listen to Kikki Danielsson but her genre is schlager and she was popular in the 80s.

Other than that, most of the Swedish songs I listen to are the country's entries to the annual Eurovision Song Contest (pre-1999), in which one of Kikki Danielsson's songs is part of. And if we're going to talk about that, there's also Carola.


lyssna på BOB HUND!


You should listen Thomas Stenström, Håkan Hellström, Laleh, Linnea Henriksson, Sarah Dawn Finer, Mando Diao, Agnes, Darin, Tomas Ledin, Veronica Maggio. These are my favourite singers. They sing mostly in Swedish. I don't know what kind of music do you like but i think you'll like them. Especially Thomas Stenström. He is my favourite and he is good at his job.


Sabaton's Swedish Carolus Rex album is also a nice choice for anyone who likes metal.


Way too early for me to understand anything that is said in it, but this is definitely what I was after. Thank you.


If you really like them, take a look at their English music. It's very good. Listening to the Carolus Rex album in English helps a bit with understanding what is going in each song.


I've pretty much gone through their entire Spotify list now. Pity more aren't in Swedish. Are there any other Swedish metal bands you would recommend?


It's a shame I know. And not really. Kinda why I'm here.


Oh well. Guess I'll try what I found on this page: http://www.theapricity.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-4309.html

Starting with Hel, which seems to be like what I was listening to before Sabaton.


Hel was good, what songs there were in Svenska. A lot of the ones on the list are less singing and more growling. Just started on Vintersorg which is starting off good for intelligible singing.


Have you heard Nocturnal Rites? I like their album Afterlife, which doesn't seem to be their most popular, but it's crunchier than the German power metal (of which I'm not a huge fan)


I can suggest Sonja Alden


I'm a fan of Markus Krunegård, Nordman, Mitt Piano, Raymond och Maria, Martin Stenmarck...I actually learned most of my Swedish while translating Stenmarck's songs. Septemberland is good for learning numbers and I'm a fan of 7milakliv as well.


Give Detektivbyran and Wintergatan (formerly Vintergatan) a try. It's instrumental, but it has to be some of the best music I've ever heard. Worth listening to.


I loved discovering Ted Gärdestad's songs when I was in Sweden. 'Sol, vind och vatten' is one of my favourite songs ever, along with 'Jag vill har en egen måne', both of which now look like Duolingo phrases to my addled brian. Best of all for de som lära sig svenska, he had (V. past, sadly) nice clear diction.


I myself really like Lars Winnerbäck and whilst it's not easy to understand what he sings about if you're just getting started, it is still great music.


I love Månegarm and I have heard a few songs from Fejd. It's good.


And yes, if you like ABBA then you should know that one of four - Agnetha Fältskog has a few albums in swedish. :)


Definitely give Ratata and Oskar Linnros a listen!


I used to listen to Kent and Nina Rochelle when I was younger, should probably look into them again. I'm bad at genres but maybe they're something like alt/indie rock? Very nice nonetheless :)


My favourites are ABBA (biggest ABBA fan ever), Frida (Anni-Frid) Lynstad, Agnetha Fältskog, BAO, Helen Sjöholm, The Real Group, First Aid Kit, Ted Gärdestad, Sofia Karlsson, Matilda Madison (Matilda Mattsvåg), Sanna Nielsen. Frida's Swedish solo album from 1996 is just phenomenal. You definitely need to check out 'Djupa Andetag'. She even duets with Marie Fredriksson on one song. But listen to the whole album. You won't regret it.


You mean this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2CuwZZsdkg What a flamboyant song! But I think to learn a language (or even just hear properly because they are usually clearer) some of the 'older' music is a bit better than the newer stuff. Though I do like some new artists it kind of sad most young Swedes sing mostly in English these days.


If I don't watch out... I might become completely distracted from my German and start learning Swedish because of all this dang catchy music. Länge leve Sverige!

PS - It's a perpetual problem with me... If I had stuck with one language since I began to get interested in languages in 2004 I might be half fluent / conversational in one now but because I 'taste' so many it's hard not to get distracted.


I don't know about you, but I really love to listen to Eric Saade, Sanna Nielsen and Molly Sanden from swedish singers. :D


Garmarna is one of my favorites!


Thanks for reminding me about that band :D I listened to Garmarna aaages ago and loved their folksy feel.


I think you would also like Triakel, in which Emma Härdelin sings traditional Swedish folks. For me, it is such an amazing band that I have had their records repeated again and again for YEARS.

Here you will find some audio samples. And there are several videos can be found on youtube.

Enjoy it :)


Thanks for leading me to Triakel! The very first song I listened to in Youtube, I loved. "Sparvens visa" is beautiful/chilling :) I can't quite understand much because Google translation is awful but the way she sings just speaks to me.

"Hör du sparven lilla, far du inte illa, när som vintern är så sträng och kall. Utan mycken möda, lär du dig att föda, som är nästan minst av fåglar all. Kan du fågel lätta, mig helt kort berätta, från det allra första, minsta med det största. Säg om dig behagar, om din levnads dagar, ifrån början till din levnads slut.

Lustig nöjd och glader, jag min gud och fader, för det minsta grynet lov hem bär. Stundom kroppen ryser, och när foten fryser, gömmer jag den uti mina klär. När det mörker bliver, jag till sängs mig giver, uti kalla nätter jag mitt huvud sätter.

Under vingen lilla, sover sött och stilla, vakna glad om morgon lov hem bär. När som dagen börjar, gud för födan sörjer, fast jag icke något hushåll har. Året rikt av gröda, ger mig nog till föda, bordet dukas av en nådig far. Stinn uti min kräva, hämtad utav näva, klara vattendroppar utan silver koppar. Dricka mat och kläder, får jag och mig gläder, ty min gud all omsorg om mig har."


It is great that you love it!

I tried to Google translate their lyrics too, then I said to myself: I should learn Swedish to understand. ;)


Oh, by all means learning it via Duolingo is much better but at this point I just wanted a general idea of what she was singing about. I didn't want to say it was cute if she was actually talking about something quite depressing haha.


I usually use Google translate on the song title, then listen out for the song title in the lyrics. See if I can't guess what the words surrounding it are (too early to work, but actual work is boring).



Oh, I see. You are totally right.

I just tried Google translate on the title (thanks to @Raekor), the title can be translated as "Song of the sparrow". The lyrics may be describing even a little sparrow survive the severe winter since God takes care of it. (If I did not make any errors.)

I think it is neither depressing nor cheerful, but encouraging. :)


Wow I really like them! I added to my playlist- thank you! :)


I'm currently into Stiftelsen (Rotlös, En annan värld, Vildhjärta, Du är ju allting, Avalon, Utanför din dörr, Ur Balans, Härifrån, ...), which is more rock (and hella fun to scream/sing along whilst in your car).

If you're into jazzy latino stuff (in Swedish), listen to the song Låt mig komma in, by Bo Kaspers Orkester.

Also very catchy is Eric Amarillo, know for Om sanningen ska fram (vill du ligga med mig) and Men hallå. Also really good are the songs Sån't är livet by Anne-Lie Rydé and Slå mig hårt i ansiktet by Thomas Stenström.

If hiphop is more your thing, check out SödraSidan (Står tillsammans).


Opeth primarily growl but I heard a song by Mikael Åkerfeldt once called "Den ständiga resan" which is a cover by some woman named Marie Fredriksson. I don't understand it but it gives me chills...


Marie Fredriksson was half of Roxette--they sang in English and were quite popular in the US (and Australia, apparently) back in the day. Both Fredriksson and her Roxette bandmate Per Gessle have done a lot in Swedish during other phases of their careers. My personal favorite Per Gessle song is Småstad (recorded with the group Pers Garage).


She is half of Roxette? I should brush up on my band name knowledge. I'm kind of terrible with music.... most of the time I can't put the names to the bands. You got it right they were (and still are) popular here in Australia. I don't think radio would be the same without playing The Look and It Must Have Been Love at least once every few days. Just listened to Småstad and it's a great upbeat song. Another one to add to my Svenska list :D


Opeth! den ständiga resan is off of their album Watershed and apparently is a cover which I didn't know. In recent years Akerfeldt has ditched the growling vocals though. But den ständiga resan is their only song in Swedish.


Yeah, I noticed that he has calmed it down. I suppose after all that time it's nice to have a change (I'm sure his throat is thanking him haha).

Not the only one any more! Off the latest album there's a live cover called Var kommer barnen in (originally by Hansson de Wolfe United) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VcfyZ5Gz3g


Kapten Röd, Zacke, Rhymes & Riddim, General Knas for reggae or hip-hop. I basically picked Zacke and hit "youtube mix" on youtube. Came up with a bunch of hip-hop artists. Not really my style, but the delivery of the lyrics makes it easier to understand them, I find.

De sjunger i engelska, men jag älskar First Aid Kit. Looptrack Rockers also sing in English, but they have great lyrics about current social issues in Sweden.

Fantastic list, thanks for compiling this!


Jag älskar Molly Sanden och Oscar Zia. Också Zara Larsson och Tove Lo är god

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