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  5. "Das sind meine zwei Geräte."

"Das sind meine zwei Geräte."

Translation:These are my two devices.

July 6, 2013



Why is "das" used here? Why is it not plural? "Sind" is of course plural, but isn't "das" only singular?


"When it is used with the verb sein, the form das can refer to singular and plural nouns of all three genders"



Sorry but where is sein used here?


Oh, got myself confused with seine, thanks christian!


"that are my two utensils" is bad English, it should be in the answer These are my two utensils, or this IS my two utensils, never "That are"

[deactivated user]

    another translation for "das" in this instance is "those", because afaik there's no real difference between this and that in german/

    "those" also sounds normal


    Just wondering, could you also say "Those two are my gadgets?"


    Basically and technically, -yes.

    It might be misunderstood in a funny way. ;-) (because it has a double meaning)

    If you are a woman you wouldn't say that in most situations, If you are a man you wouldn't say that either. Ha Ha You risk to make a complete fool of yourself!! I would actually never say it like this, and try to explain it differently. Most Germans here would possibly agree. :-)


    LOL You just made my day :D


    I think gadgets sounds better for me, although in the last decade, we are using device more for smartphones and laptops, before those devices came about, English was using gadget more than device. I'm trying to find a better word in English.


    Would dieser work in place of das

    [deactivated user]

      because dieser, dieses and diese are used before nouns, not before a verb.


      why is it "meine" and not "mein" after all, Geraete is neuter.


      Because Geräte is plural, and its singular is Gerät


      so had it been " Geraeten " it would have been "meinen"? so "mein" gets the ending or the object in plural?


      that are my two devices is NOT correct English. should be Those are my two devices


      "Das" means both "that" and "those", as well as "this" and "these".


      On memrise it teaches diese hier and diese da for these and those, sometimes it arbitrarily throws in das sind also, my question is, which is used in everyday speech? Dies sind, das sind or diese hier sind? Danke schön.


      Trying to imagine in what context someone would say this.


      Secret of my success is in two simple devices.

      These are my two devices: lies and anything that money can buy!


      Equipment in English is a non count noun and so only makes sense if you say those are my two pieces of equipment. Or you can say those are my two gadgets, as the word gadget is constable. For example, one gadget, two gadgets.


      Why does Duolingo sometimes accept gadgets, then change it to devices?


      Is equipment not uncountable? Therefore I think 'These are my two equipments' is not right. Or? see http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=225179


      You are right that equipment is a plural and has no singular form. In this context it means devices/gadgets


      Translation is still wrong. Report it.

      [deactivated user]

        why "das" and not "dies"?


        Either is fine.


        Wanna try them out?


        Is "these two are my gadgets" not grammatically correct


        In everyday usage you would say this is my two gadgets or these are my two gadgets


        what is wrong here is not the german but the translation. In english you would say Those are or these are regardless of the German. So it should accept these are and not that are which is clearly not english.


        "These are" is accepted.

        I agree that "that are" is wrong, and I've removed that alternative now.


        Why can't we say "They are my two devices" ? Duo doesn't accept it. how can we know that "das" here means "these", and not "they" or "those" ? thanks in advance ;)


        In general, at least here on the course, sie sind = they are, das sind = these are, those are (both should be accepted).

        Similarly in the singule: es ist = it is, das ist = this is, that is.


        I just can't imagine I would ever say " are my two devices". I'd say "Those are mine", "those two are mine", " Both of those are mine" whatever. I'd never use the noun device like this, gadget perhaps, appliance perhaps,... Device is a typical error a German speaking English well but not fluently, might make.


        what is wrong with 'they are my two devices'?


        That would be sie sind meine zwei Geräte, but the German has das sind "those are", not sie sind "they are".


        What is wrong with "These two devices are mine"?


        It's a fine sentence on its own, but it's not a good translation of the German sentence.

        "These are my two devices" does not mean the same thing as "These two devices are mine".


        Actually it literally does. The verb "to be" in English is a copulative verb, and it equates two clauses.

        A person might say a different one depending on the situation. If I ask whose devices these are, you might say "these devices are mine." If I ask what these are, you might say "these are my two devices." But the statements still have the same fundamental meaning, even if the preferred form might differ based on context.

        Either way, I'd be saying that these two devices belong to me. Even though one form answers "who" questions and the other answers "what" questions, that has to do with purpose, and not meaning.

        You can arguably say that one is the correct translation and the other is not, due to the form needed for the context. But you can't say that it's because they don't mean the same thing.


        Pronouncing of Geräte is awful!!!


        Equipment ?

        "equipment" is not countable. You cannot have "two equipment" or "two equipments".

        Geräte are devices.


        These two devices are mine. - why not accepted?


        These are my two devices and these two are my devices means same. Answer should be accepted.


        Why mark it wrong if Gerate applies to both appliances and devices?


        Gerate applies to both appliances and devices?

        Eh? No, it doesn't. Gerate means "guessing" (implying that the guessing goes on for quite a while).

        Devices or appliances are Geräte with ä (or Geraete if you can't make the ä letter).


        What is "it"? Nobody can see what you wrote, so please always quote your entire answer when you have a question.

        Very often, if a learner makes a mistake, the error is not in the part of the sentence that the learner guesses -- hence the need for the whole answer.

        Even better, provide a screenshot showing the question and your answer exactly as you typed it -- upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL. Your fingers might have slipped and what you actually typed might not be what you thought you typed.

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