"Wij hoeven niet te betalen."

Translation:We do not need to pay.

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From what I understood, hoeven means need in a way that someone needs (has) to do something. It doesn't have the same meaning as hebben nodig, right?

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In some sentences, "hoeven" and "nodig hebben" can be interchangeable, but often they are not. The differences are mostly in usage, not meaning.

  • Hoeven is only ever used with negations ("niet", "geen", "nooit" etc). That is not the case for "nodig hebben".
  • Nodig hebben is only used with nouns, not with verbs. "Hoeven" can be used with either.
  • Moeten is used when there is a verb, but no negation.

Some examples:

  • I need a book - Ik heb een boek nodig (no negation, noun)
  • I need to walk - Ik moet lopen (no negation, verb)
  • I do not have to walk - Ik hoef niet te lopen (negation, verb)
  • I do not need a book - Ik hoef geen boek OR Ik heb geen boek nodig (negation, noun)
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That's a very clear explanation. Thanks Simius :)

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thanks for clear it up!

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Quick note: "Hoeven" is not among the listed modals in the "Tips and Notes" for "Modal verbs"

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Do I understand correctly that when using "moet" instead of "hoef" we do not need to use "te"?

7 months ago
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