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  5. "Hvad ønsker du dig?"

"Hvad ønsker du dig?"

Translation:What do you wish for?

November 25, 2014



Why is there a "dig" here? Can you not say "Hvad ønsker du?" = What do you want?


Both are correct, but "Hvad ønsker du dig" is a phrase that very clearly implies "for Christmas" or "for your birthday". "Hvad ønsker du" is more for everyday life, but more formal and polite than just "Hvad vil du have", and therefore less common. Waiters use this phrase in cafés, being as polite as possible, but they usually use "De" (like the German "Sie") instead of "du".

Unlike German we have more or less outgrown the words "De/Dem", and instead use "du" for everyone whether we know them or not. The only ones using it are waiters, the elder generation and the royal family ;-)

But "Hvad ønsker du dig"? Exclusively for gift-giving.

[deactivated user]


    Why is there no explanation of this in the tips?


    It is the same in German: "Was wünschst du dir?" For example, as a Christmas gift. What would you like to get?


    Is the meaning of this closer to "what do you want?" or "what do you wish for?"? Both seem to be accepted, but the tone is quite different.


    This phrase litterally means "what do you want as a gift (on the upcoming holiday or special celebration)". In English you wouldn't really use "wish" in this sentence, but rather say "what do you want for...". So in a normal English conversation I would say "want", but if I was translating a text and I wanted to get the point across that I was referring to gift-giving, I would use "wish", even though it's a little unconventional for native English speakers.


    Thanks! That clarifies a lot, really appreciate the reply! :)


    Isn't it reflexive verb?


    what does it mean "what do you wish for"? Feels like not finished sentence


    In Danish it is, but in English you would probably add either "for Christmas" or "for your birthday". This phrase is exclusively for gift-giving.


    And what about "What do you wish for yourself?'


    This is what i wrote but it was deemed incorrect.


    It should be accepted, so report it!


    "What do you wish for yourself" still rejected 4 April 2017.


    my same translation


    Umm… A Corvette, 1 million dollars given to a charity, a manor, and a go cart. Thanks.


    "For what do you wish?" should also be considered correct as it is the correct gramatical formation in English. Gramatically you should not end a sentence with the word "for".


    So difficult when English is not your mother language. I'm German and would have had any problems to translate into German. My English isn't that bad too. But sometimes I have no idea how to find an English translation. I wrote here "What do you wish for yourself?" and I lost a heart. :(


    Why is it 'dig' not 'sig'?


    Because it is reflexive pronoun

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