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My English progress has disappeared!

[deactivated user]

    I finished all the English lessons a couple of weeks ago (I reached level 11) and I started the Spanish ones (level 10 now, I think), but I've checked my profile today and my English "medal" isn't there. If I go to the English lessons it all appears blank as if I haven't even started the course at all! Please tell me there's a way to fix this and I don't have to do the whole course again T_T

    July 6, 2013



    Hi yochiwara! The profile will only display what languages you're learning from your currently selected "native" language. If you switch back to learning English from Spanish, you'll see your English medal and all your progress, but you won't see your Spanish medal. All progress will always be saved, though:)


    So if I did Italian>English, I wouldn't see my Italian progress?


    This is correct - but you would see it again once you switched back.


    Yeah but that's kind of a shame

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