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Gender + noun, please

In the "words strengthened" list in German, it would be great if you'd include the gendered article with the noun. Genders should always accompany nouns because they are actually part of the word.

July 6, 2013



Something we're considering! Appreciate the feedback.


From both a linguistic and a pedagogical standpoint, it makes much more sense to always include genders with nouns when you have a language that includes a gender classification system!


I asked for this for Spanish too! :)


Agreed! I am surprised by how often German word lists do not include the article with the noun.


oh. yes. please we need the gender even if we've seen the word before.


@ktal Hats off. Who among us would deny the need for genders in all vocab.


And in French too, please.


For the love of all that is good, please add the genders to nouns in the flashcards and anywhere else they appear. As a native english speaker the concept of gendered nouns is one of the biggest hurdles to learning other languages for me, especially German. It makes no sense that when a noun is presented on its own there is no indication or reminder of its gender. The gender should at least be mentioned on the flashcards and in the exercises ALL the time because the gender and thus the words around it in a sentence are VITAL. I don't understand why this isn't a thing already, especially given all the excellent work the Duo team has done and is doing. Please add this feature, it would facilitate learning so much, particularly for people like me who come from a language that is not gendered (as far as I know english isn't gendered, at least not in the same way). It is just frustrating that I know how to translate a sentence or I am trying to have a baby conversation and I get something wrong because I can't remember the gender. I will bake you cookies and teach your children science if you make this a thing!


Let me add my new voice to this request. Please include some kind of gender indicator in the word list, even if it is just on the tooltip that shows when hovering the mouse pointer over it.

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