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  5. "The cat reached the mouse."

"The cat reached the mouse."

Translation:Katten fik fat i musen.

November 25, 2014



Would this mean in this context that the cat caught the mouse?


Yes, like english speakers we also use it about telephone calls: "fik du fat i ham"=did you reach him, but since cats don't use the phone there's only one interpretation left.


Yes, and it actually carries a slightly different meaning than the English sentence in my view. The Danish sentence implies that the cat reaches and holds onto the mouse (so in other words "caught"), while in the English sentence it may toy around with it a bit, or just merely touch it, but ultimately let it go.

You could say "Katten nĂ¥ede musen" as perhaps a more exact translation of the English sentence, but it does sound slightly awkward somehow.


I guess it is related to the Dutch verb "vatten" or "vat hebben", or similar in origin.

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