"It is important to have intellectual curiosity."

Translation:É importante ter curiosidade intelectual.

July 6, 2013

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Why is "ter uma curiosidade intelectual" wrong ?


Isn't here necessary any ,,a/para" before ,,ter"?


No. Many times when we have "to+verb" in English, it is taken just as infinitive in Portuguese (verbs ending in ar, er, ir, or), unless "to" works as a preposition in Portuguese. I will teach you (how) to make a cake = Te ensinarei A fazer um bolo. (I do not know if you got it by this example)


Why le translation "È importante termos curiosidade intelectual" was considered a mistake? The sentence is clearly speaking about all of us! I think it is very important to use the Portuguese personal infinituìive in this sentences, isn't it?

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