"Vi är vid gränsen mellan Ryssland och Kina."

Translation:We are at the border between Russia and China.

November 25, 2014



Are there rules about the ordering of countries, if listing them in a sentence, in Swedish? Technically shouldn't the English sentence be in alphabetical order - "We are at the border between China and Russia" right?

January 17, 2019


As a native English speaker, I have never heard of this rule. I could see that being a rule to use in very formal writing, but certainly not for everyday speech.

April 7, 2019


There's certainly no such rule in Swedish. If anything, it would make the most sense to use geographical proximity. For instance, if I'm in Portugal I might refer to the border between Spain and France - but if I'm in Belgium I might refer to the border between France and Spain. But that, too, is also just a logical tendency - not a rule.

April 7, 2019
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