"Tycker du verkligen det?"

Translation:Do you really think so?

November 25, 2014

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Would a possible translation be, do you really like it? Or no?


Nope, that would be: Tycker du verkligen om det?

Edit: The phrasal verb tycka om gets split up.


Oh, ok. Thanks, that makes sense.


I thought the same thing


What's the difference between verkligen and egentligen?


If I understand correctly from another discussion:

Egentligen contradicts an expectation: Det är egentligen en ren, inte en älg. (I'm new enough at this I'm not sure I've got the last part of that sentence correct, but you get the idea.)

Verkligen emphasizes something: Maten är verkligen bra.

BUT...! I'm still a little hazy on it myself.


so 'tycker om' and 'tycker' as it is in this example, are two totally different words?


When would you use "tycker" and when would you use "tänker" or are they interchangeable?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but you use att tycka to mean to have an opinion about something, att tänka to mean to think about something (as in to process something in your mind) and att tro means to hold as a belief.

Jag tänker på det där problemet. I think about that problem. Jag tycker att du behöver gå och se henne. I think (it is my opinion) that you need to go and see her. Jag tror att hon har informationen som du behöver. I think (believe) that she has the information you need.


Should I pronounce the g in verkligen or not? :)


Which principle makes us insert in our mind that: Tycker as THINK ?


Could you say "do you really think it?"


I don’t think that’s idiomatic English.


Why is "actually" not accepted as a replacement for "really" here? I'm a native english speaker and, as far as I'm aware, these two words are more or less interchangeable in this context.


Do you really like it?


It seems that you are confusing "tycker om" (to like) and "tycker" (to think as in having an opinion). As stated in the previous comments, "tycker om" and "tycker" are two completely different verbs.

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